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Resin Bound Driveways are a highly durable long lasting product, it far surpasses its competitors as it does not have the problems that other products face. The way we make our product eliminates cracks, stone migration, weed growth, moss, puddles and subsidence. It eliminates puddles due to the permeable nature of the material which ensures it is fully SuDS compliant making puddles and slipping a thing of the past, it also means there is no need for planning permission, it is also strongly recommended by the environment agency as it helps combat flooding especially if it is used on large areas. Cracks will never appear because of the way we lay our sub-base and the resin/hardener mix we use and because of the way it is applied with the resin it binds and seals it ensuring there is no stone migration.

The system we use is often referred to as the hand troweled this system uses the aggregate blended in a rotary paddle type mixer with the two part resin mixed with measured amounts of aggregates to ensure each mix is identical prior to application and is troweled to a smooth finish. Design elements such as logos or numbers can be incorporated into the finished area by using contrasting stone colours to create the desired finish.

This method relies on the aggregate and the resin being agitated together in mixer, and then spread over the prepared base with hand floats, screeding bars and trowels. This type of application will ensure an adequate thickness of 15-20mm is applied to the entire area and is the most common method of application.

The above systems ensure that the resin sets relatively quickly in most cases within 60 minutes. all our installers have experience in the industry ensuring all work is carried out and completed to the highest standard.



It's not only externally that this Resin Bound system can be used, it is also ideal inside the home as it is:

  • Extremely durable
  • Has a Smooth finish
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Unlimited range of colours
  • Extensive range of materials
  • Design Flexibility

It will complement any home as it is fully customizable, you can have it looking the way you want, this makes your designs and ideas totally unique ensuring individuality.

It is also offered in a water tight finish so that any spillages won’t penetrate or stain thus ensuring the life of your floor.



Our Resin Bound driveways far surpass anything that has come before, our permeable resin bound driveway paving is an eye pleasing alternative to loose gravel, concrete, and brick driveways.

With little maintenance required, once installed your Custom Design Driveway will reward you with many years of outstanding performance.

Another great benefit of our product is the customization of our product, we can add anything from your name to intricate patterns which other products can not match as the size of our stone allows a variety of design options.



The way we lay our resin we start by digging out the required footing (if a dig out is required), but the footings can be an existing surface of tarmac, asphalt, concrete that has been cleaned and prepared.

This does the require the existing surface be in good sound condition, as the product we lay on top is dependent on the quality of the sub-base.

Prior to the resin being laid the existing surface should be cleaned of any loose materials and sealed if required.

If the existing surface is not in a sound or stable condition we will remove the existing product with a full dig out of the area, followed by laying our own strong sub-base which is fully SUDS compliant.

This helps eliminate all surface water making sure that the surface remains non-slip, it also helps to increase the life of the product as it wont be affected by the freeze/thaw cycle.

This SUDS compliant system is only seen in the Resin Bound product compared to existing types of driveways where surface water and slipping can damage the driveway and be a danger to you or your loved ones. the benefits of resin driveways eliminate danger

Ecobound UVR Resin

Ecobound UVR Resin

When installing a silver or black aggregate we recommend using ResinBound UVR resin system.

Our standard ResinBound resin changes naturally over time to a golden brown colour which complements the colour of most of the aggregate mixes that we supply. ResinBound UVR Resin is UV resistant, and can be used when silver or black aggregates are being installed, this ensures that the finish doesn’t change with sunlight and gives a more natural finish to complement the darker stone.

We offer over 25 different types of resin stones that can be mixed to achieve a variety of finishes that you will love. It is important that aggregates independently sourced by the contractor are clean, kiln-dried, (typically with a moisture content no more than 0.5%), well graded and properly mixed in their correct proportions.

Certain aggregates can contain small amounts of iron minerals as part of their natural chemical makeup. On exposure to water this can result in areas of rust spot staining. As this is a natural occurrence within the aggregate at no point prior to application can any potential iron be identified. As such we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered as a result of staining.

Resin Driveways Cost

Have your old driveway transformed from as little as £40 per square metre.

  • Driveways under 50 M² - £55 per M²
  • Driveways between 50-200 M² - £50 per M²
  • Driveways over 200 M² - £40 per M²

If you require a full dig & groundworks, prices start at £100 per M² but please contact us for more information and a quote.

To find out how many M² resin driveway you might need, simply measure your driveway length & multiply by the width.

All the work we carry out is by trained professionals with experience and extensive knowledge, this is why our customers gain peace of mind when it comes to their new driveway.

Resin Features

  • SuDS compliant - highly permeable
  • UV stable - non yellowing resin
  • Natural aggregate appearance
  • Alternative to conventional paving
  • Recycled aggregates available
  • Installed by approved contractors
  • Highly slip resistant

Resin Uses

  • Footpaths, playgrounds, pool and pond surrounds
  • Concourses and promenade decks
  • Driveways and car parking bays
  • Showrooms, shops, reception areas and galleries
  • Patios, terraces, conservatories, gardens, gazebos, water features and roof gardens
  • Amarillo


  • Cappacino


  • Evening Rose

    Evening Rose

  • Farm House Gold

    Farm House Gold

  • Honey Pot

    Honey Pot

  • Ireland Green

    Ireland Green

  • Marble Crema

    Marble Crema

  • Meadow


  • Merit


  • Midnight Moon

    Midnight Moon

  • Olympus


  • Oyster Pearl

    Oyster Pearl

  • Porto Fino

    Porto Fino

  • Purity


  • Rosso Luna

    Rosso Luna

  • Saharah


  • Slate Grey

    Slate Grey

  • Spring Haze

    Spring Haze

  • Starlight


  • Summer Beach

    Summer Beach

  • Sunset Garden

    Sunset Garden

  • Sweet Pea 10mm

    Sweet Pea 10mm

  • Sweet Pea

    Sweet Pea

  • Titanium


  • Transcendence


Customer Reviews

  • "Eden Landscapes have succeeded in providing us with a driveway which truly met our requirements both in terms of function and design.

    Right from the outset we were very impressed with the way Eden worked closely with us, listening to our needs and advising us on the details of the project."

    Jane and Mike Evans -Stockton Heath

  • "A truly bespoke resin service from design to completion which is very responsive and delivers exactly what the customer wants. I am more than pleased with the resin product which thanks to Tom's sensible advice and guidance, looks even better than we expected."

    Mr Wright

  • “my only comment and disappointment is I have to park my car on the drive!!' A great job, we are so very pleased what a visual different it adds to the Front of the house.!”

    Mr Burns

  • "We recently had a patio completely relaid by Eden Landscapes. From quotation to completeion the workrate, puctuality, work quality, professionalism and value for money were all excellent. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Eden to anyone thinking about having work done at their property ”

    Mr Morris

  • "I am completely satisfied and delighted with the work carried out by Eden Resin. They completed the work to time and budget and delivered everything they said they would from the first consultation. "

    Mr Ball

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